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renovating a 90's house

Renovating 90’s house

A great story: Renovated the bathroom and our customer came back for us to renovate the kitchen. Here are a few extracts of what they said during the Renovating  90’s house process. (Story in their words) As a result of a successful bathroom renovation … We didn’t give a second thought in asking Chris & […]

Family Home Reno

Family Home Reno

When renovating the family home you can be a little more adventurous because it’s for you. As you’re not planning on selling so whatever you spend on your Family Home Reno, the spectrum of time is on your side because the property will increase as time goes. With my own house for instance we went […]

Reno for direct resale

Reno for direct resale

We were asked to go and look at a property that had been acquired with regards to doing a major reno for a fast direct resale as the house was showing its age. In situations like this your main objective is to create a first impression “moment”. What I mean by that is when the […]

Rental Reno

A Rental Reno in 6 days

Rental Reno We took on a bathroom Rental Reno for a client who had a rental property at Crestmead, South Brisbane. The property was in reasonable condition apart from the bathroom. The owner made the fatal mistake of what I would call mistake in identity when he tried to do the reno himself, by doing […]


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