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Family Home Reno

Family Home Reno

When renovating the family home you can be a little more adventurous because it’s for you. As you’re not planning on selling so whatever you spend on your Family Home Reno, the spectrum of time is on your side because the property will increase as time goes.

With my own house for instance we went further than we would have with any of the options above knowing full well that by the time we would sell the valuation would be so much greater. For example in our ensuite we put a in corner spa bath and had the three inner shower walls done in a gold speckled black glass. The area was fully closed in with plain glass around the outside.
As you can imagine the total cost for the glass alone was outrageous but when it’s for yourself you like to do that little bit extra.
Although you still need to look at the area you live regarding value of similar type properties as your’s.

From here, you then have a realistic idea of what you can invest in your property and recover that investment when eventually you decide it’s time to move on. See other renos on our Renovations page