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We love what we do.

We get enormous satisfaction in achieving the renovation that you the client are looking for without having the stress that would normally be associated with such a task.
We are also very proud of our record of completing your renovation on schedule and within your budget.
Our team of fully qualified licensed tradesman will have the upmost respect for your home while the project is happening.


Christine and Gerry proprietors of the family owned company Renovation Elves have 30 years experience in the renovation industry.

Over this period of time we have developed our company to take away all the hassle so that you and your family go about living a normal life style, while we coordinate all our tradesmen to bring your dream to reality.

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    Happy Customers

    Customer Testimonials: Nothing is more important to us than having happy customers.
    Various seasoned customers as well as persons new to the world of Renovations share their thoughts here.

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    The kitchen is the engine room of the household.
    It is important that the kitchen as well as being aesthetically pleasing should be functional.

    At Renovation Elves we have 30yrs experience designing efficient kitchen layouts with the client’s budget in mind. All our cabinets are custom designed and built for your kitchen.


    As with a kitchen renovating your tired bathroom will give great RETURN on your investment by adding value to your home or investment property.

    From design to completion including procuring the fixtures and fittings we at Renovation Elves do it all.


    Whether your property be a small cottage or larger open plan home adding a deck can be the cheapest option to add valuable living space to your property.

    Bringing together your indoor and outdoor living to take advantage of Queensland’s great climate. $$$ spent will give great RETURN on your investment.

    A Kitchen renovation, or any renovation can RETURN $$$$1000’s on your investment by adding value to your home or investment property