August 2017

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Renovating 90’s house

renovating a 90's house

A great story: Renovated the bathroom and our customer came back for us to renovate the kitchen. Here are a few extracts of what they said during the Renovating  90’s house process. (Story in their words)

As a result of a successful bathroom renovation …

We didn’t give a second thought in asking Chris & Gerry to quote.

And again …

‘Renovation Elves made such a huge thing for us so much easier & for this we really thank you!
Appreciate it so much! You truly are ‘one in a million’ .

And yet again …

How do you write a review when everything went better than planned and everything far exceeded your expectations?
It’s so easy to write a bad review because you can always remember the small stand out points that made your experience bad enough to write about.

And more again …

Earlier this year we had no clue what we were doing with our little ‘needs TLC’ house.
We didn’t know if we would make it comfortable enough for us to live in, tidy enough to lease out or make her shine to put on the market.

We knew that the bathroom definitely needed something done to it. (It was a blank canvas after plumbing issues were discovered during painting)

Renovation Elves helped initially with a ton of ideas (but weren’t overwhelming) They listened also to our ideas and encouraged us while educating us a great deal.

Their ideas made sense and they explained them so well that you could visualise each of them.
Each idea/plan came with detailed floor plans & quotes- the quotes we never had to question, these guys just seemed to know us and what we were looking for.

The end result- an amazing kitchen, an extra wall in the lounge room, faultless completion and the budget has not been blown!

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