• Kitchen - Before and After

    Oh my!! What a difference!

  • Bathroom - Before and After

    From old, dark and dingy to modern, bright and airy

  • Ensuite: After Renovation Elves

    Bedroom was big enough to have an ensuite, so that's what we built

  • Relaxing on the new Deck

    We never thought this would be possible on our budget

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The kitchen is the engine room of the household.
It is important that the kitchen as well as being aesthetically pleasing should be functional.

At Renovation Elves we have 30yrs experience designing efficient kitchen layouts with the client’s budget in mind. All our cabinets are custom designed and built for your kitchen.


As with a kitchen renovating your tired bathroom will give great RETURN on your investment by adding value to your home or investment property.

From design to completion including procuring the fixtures and fittings we at Renovation Elves do it all.


Whether your property be a small cottage or larger open plan home adding a deck can be the cheapest option to add valuable living space to your property.

Bringing together your indoor and outdoor living to take advantage of Queensland’s great climate. $$$ spent will give great RETURN on your investment.

A Kitchen renovation, or any renovation can RETURN $$$$1000’s on your investment by adding value to your home or investment property

Recent Renovations

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Renovating 90’s house

renovating a 90's house
A great story: Renovated the bathroom and our customer came back for us to renovate the kitchen. Here are a few extracts of what they said during the Renovating  90’s house process. (Story in their words) As a result of a successful bathroom renovation … We didn’t give a second thought in asking Chris & […]
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Family Home Reno

Family Home Reno
When renovating the family home you can be a little more adventurous because it’s for you. As you’re not planning on selling so whatever you spend on your Family Home Reno, the spectrum of time is on your side because the property will increase as time goes. With my own house for instance we went […]
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Reno for direct resale

Reno for direct resale
We were asked to go and look at a property that had been acquired with regards to doing a major reno for a fast direct resale as the house was showing its age. In situations like this your main objective is to create a first impression “moment”. What I mean by that is when the […]